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About Me, Terrainmap Earth Imaging LLC and PANCROMA

Hello. My name is John Childs and I am the founder of Terrainmap Earth Imaging LLC and the software developer of PANCROMA™. I work full time for General Dynamics in Vermont, USA and spend the rest of my time running this company. This arrangement allows me to offer the program for such a low price compared to competing products while still offering very good customer support.

Remote sensing has been my avocation for quite a while. I have published a companion website since 2001. I worked in the past with the eminent applied mathematician Professor Randolph Franklin of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and wrote my Masters Thesis on an implementation of his Contour Line Approximation Algorithm for turning contour maps into DEMs. My thesis has been downloaded over 30,000 times (mostly by students recycling parts of it for their computer science homework assignments). I am the author of the free BLACKART application that further developed this work. You can find out more about me in general at my Linked In profile.

Please download and experiment with the free Trial Version software. I would be very happy to hear your comments and feedback. You will receive a rapid response to your requests for technical or other information. If you need some references I can direct you to some customers that can tell you about their experiences with me and with the program. Please read more about me or contact me using the information shown on the Contact page.


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