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  • PANCROMA gap fills (post 2003) SLC-Off ETM+ images using the Transfer, Hayes and TERAS algorithms, improving the appearance and utility of post-2003 (SLC-Off) Landsat imagery.

  • PANCROMA pan sharpens Landsat, SPOT®, Digital Globe®, GeoEye® and other satellite data (single file or batch mode)

  • PANCROMA has unique image preprocessing utilities to compensate for the color distortions inherent in the pan sharpening process, allowing you to produce high quality Landsat or SPOT® pan sharpened images.

  • PANCROMA automatically generates matched multiple band subsets of co-registered and georeferenced satellite images using semi-manual or automatic mode for subsequent pan sharpening.

  • PANCROMA combines an intuitive GUI with a sophisticated computation engine. With its 'Quick Start' Instruction Manual, instructional videos, White Papers and friendly customer support, you will create your first pan sharpened satellite image within minutes!

  • PANCROMA can extract SPOT® and ASTER L1B band files from composite images downloaded for free from the LP-DAAC Data Pool and the USGS Earth Explorer website.

  • PANCROMA can synthesize natural color composite RGB images from SPOT® and ASTER false-color bands 1, 2 and 3(N). PANCROMA can produce natural color pan sharpened images from the synthesized SPOT® data.

  • The Spectral Analyzer is a powerful semi-automated utility for searching Landsat DN, Landsat Reflectance (both including TIR band), SPOT, ASTER and EO-1 ALI multispectral data for spectral fingerprints

  • PANCROMA also has a new WorldView-2® Spectral Analyzer.

  • PANCROMA batch processes virtually unlimited quantities of band files to produce RGB color composite and pan sharpened images.

  • Input and output files in JPEG, BMP, PNG, GeoTiff and Landsat L1G format

  • Display individual grayscale band files at full resolution

  • Create 30m resolution true-color RGB images from Landsat band files 3, 2, 1 instantly

  • Create 30m resolution false-color images from any combination of Landsat band files

  • Create 20m resolution false-color and natural-color images from SPOT® band files

  • Create 15m resolution false-color and natural-color images from ASTER band files

  • Spectrally transform 15m resolution false-color Landsat GEOCOVER scenes to natural color RGB images

  • Create 15m resolution pan-sharpened images from Landsat ETM+ band files and panchromatic band data using HSI or Brovey Transform methods

  • Create 10m resolution pan-sharpened true and false color images from SPOT® band files and panchromatic band data

  • Create 10m resolution pan-sharpened true and false color images from NASA EO-1 band files and panchromatic band data

  • Create 10m resolution pan-sharpened images from Landsat ETM+ band files using a SPOT panchromatic band

  • Unbundle, calibrate and process Digital Globe WorldView® data

  • Unbundle, and process Formosat® data

  • Unbundle and process GeoEye® data

  • Use ENHG and XIONG algorithm spectral distortion correction algorithms for truer pan sharpened color tones

  • Pan sharpen with AJISANE algorithm

  • Use a persistent RGB comparison image provided for fine-tuning pan sharpened images

  • Resample large Landsat files to lower resolution

  • Interpolate using Nearest-Neighbor, Laplacian or Iterative algorithms. (Iterative also implemened as a stand-alone utility.)

  • Compute band ratio images

  • Compute Pearson's Corellation Coefficient

  • Histogram match two images

  • Histogram stretch a single image

  • Compute single and double image histograms

  • Subtract two images

  • Compute X-Y band scatter plots and regression analyses

  • Post process image - color adjust

  • Use unsupervised C-Clustering image clustering algorithms to group land features

  • Create full-color, half-color and grayscale anaglyphs from stereo images

  • Create Landsat cloud masks

  • Dark Image method haze reduction utility

  • Haze Optimized Transform (HOT) method haze reduction utility

  • Landsat image registration

  • Image tiling

  • Landsat Top of Atmosphere reflectance and radiance computation

  • Spectral Analyzer for Landsat, SPOT, ASTER and EO-1 ALI/Hyperion

  • Euclidean Distance Fraction™ analysis for precise land use classifications based on spectral signatures

  • Change Distance™ Landsat multispectral change detection tool.

  • Point Spectrum Generator for Landsat, SPOT, ASTER and EO-1 ALI/Hyperion

  • Landsat spectral unmixing.

  • Point Spectrum zoom utility

  • Landsat Surface Temperature computation to convert TIR band6 to degrees Kelvin

  • Vegitation indices

  • Tasseled Cap Transformation

  • Multispectral band scatter plots

  • Single and multiple band regression

  • Single and multiple band linear transformation

  • Correct WorldWind IEEE FP32 elevation files

  • Pan sharpen a single multispectral or hyperspectral band with negligable spectral distortion

  • Image zoom

  • Read USGS and NASA/JPL ASCII spectral files

  • NAIP four band multispectral analysis

  • Landsat and NAIP multispectral unsupervised classification

  • Fourier image analysis

  • FFT image deconvolution

  • Gamma correction

  • DEM based haze reduction and shadow reduction algorithms

  • Landsat 8 support

  • Full User Manual including Tutorials

  • Online Help file

  • Online instructional videos

  • Import Landsat files in .tif, .L1G, .jpg, png and .bmp format

  • Save processed files in .jpg, .png and .bmp format

  • Friendly customer support included in purchase price

  • PANCROMA's adaptive algorithms detect your computer's memory configuration, allowing computers with as little as 256MB of installed RAM to pan sharpen and save full sized Landsat datasets, while allowing faster processing speeds for more capable computers.

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