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Explore Your World from a New Perspective!
Satellite Image Processing for Professional or Student [PANCROMA pan sharpening] Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP

Use PANCROMA™ technology and free satellite imagery to increase billings, win grants and impress your committee.  Order PANCROMA™ satellite image processing software and explore your world from a new perspective!

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  • Screen Shot
  • Raw Landsat 8 Image bands 2, 3, 4
  • After Processing
  • Landsat 8 Before Pan Sharpening
  • Landsat 8 After Pan Sharpening
  • Landsat 8 Pan Sharpened Bands 4,5,6
  • Landsat 7 Image Before SLC-Off Gap Fill
  • Landsat 7After PANCROMA™ Gap Fill
  • RGB Composite Vegetation Analysis
  • PANCROMA™ 345 False Color Composite
  • PANCROMA™ Eight Band Classified
  • PANCROMA™ Classified Highlighted
  • Point Spectrum Generator™ Snowpack
  • At-Sensor Reflectance Plot;
  •  Spectral Analyzer™ Snowpack=11.355%
  • Spectral Analyzer™ Euclidean Distance
  • Spectral Analyzer™  Distance Fraction™
  • Spectral Analyzer™ Spectral Angle Plot
  • NAIP Multispectral Target Identification
  • Landsat Spectral Unmixing Output
  • PANCROMA™ Subsetting               </br> </br>Pan Sharpening
  • RapidEye® 5m Color Composite
  • Formosat®-2 Before Pan Sharpening
  • Formosat®-2 After Pan Sharpening
  • Landsat Band Image Before Deconvolution
  • Landsat Band Image After Deconvolution
  • Landsat Multispectral Band Image
  • SPECTRAL Single Band Pan Sharpening
  • EO-1 ALI Before Pan Sharpening
  • EO-1 ALI After Pan Sharpening
  • EO-1 ALI Before Pan Sharpening
  • EO-1 ALI After Pan Sharpening
  • Landsat Multispectral Band
  • After Pan Sharpening with SPOT
  • Landsat Image Cloud Shadow Masking
  • Euclidean Distance Plot
  • Euclidean Distance Shadow Mask
  • US Gulf Coast Sediment Map
  • Before Cloud Patching ....................
  • After PANCROMA™ Cloud Patching
  • Geocover Image Before Color Correction
  • PANCROMA™ Color Corrected
  • SPOT RGB False Color Composite 1, 2, 3
  • PANCROMA™ Color Corrected SPOT
  •  Haze Obscured Landsat RGB
  • PANCROMA™ Dark Area Haze Reduction
  • Scatter Plot with Regression Line
  •  ASTER L1B TIR Temperature Plot
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• Geologists - Add global satellite prospecting for hydrocarbon, precious metal and mineral resources to your capabilities portfolio. PANCROMA™ multispectral target analysis turns free satellite data into billable reports.

• Cartographers - Create map-ready, 14.5m or 15m color, copyright-free orthorectified images of your country (or anywhere in the world) from free Landsat 7 data. Easily gap fill post-2003 Landsat 7 bands as well.

• Canadians - Pan sharpen free Landsat 8 bands with free GEOBASE SPOT data to produce copyright-free 10m RGB images for all of Canada.

• Environmental Consultants - Wildlife habitat, burn studies, wetlands, flood analysis. PANCROMA™ can increase your capabilities and win clients.

• Researchers/Doctoral Candidates - Need great thesis ideas? Land use analysis, vegetation classification, climate, deforestation (REDD), snow pack, invasive species, archaeological or urban studies: PANCROMA™ satellite image analysis will win kudos and impress your review committee.

• Educators - Produce easy lesson plans with the PANCROMA™ Instruction Manual, Videos and White Papers. This research paper shows what one student accomplished with PANCROMA™. Another student used PANCROMA™ gap filling tools for his research project. This researcher used PANCROMA™ gap filling and pan sharpening. Another excellent PANCROMA™ presentation!

• Professional Services - If you need help for your project, either locating suitable imagery or processing it our experienced staff can provide solutions at an affordable price. Contact Us today.

Can you get useful results from PANCROMA™ in less than 10 minutes? Absolutely! Watch the Video to find out how, or Buy Now for only $99.95 or Learn More. Put satellite image processing technology to work today.

PANCROMA™ is used in technically advanced countries world-wide. Add yours to the list!

Satellite Image Processing Software
Satellite Image Processing and Pan Sharpening only USD $99.95
"The Simple yet Powerful™ Satellite Image Processing Software"

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