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Explore Your World from a New Perspective!
Satellite Image Processing for Professional or Student [PANCROMA pan sharpening] Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP

Use PANCROMA™ technology and free satellite imagery to increase billings, win grants and impress your committee.  Order PANCROMA™ satellite image processing software and explore your world from a new perspective!

  •                 Explore Now!
  • Screen Shot
  • Raw Landsat 8 Image bands 2, 3, 4
  • After Processing
  • Landsat 8 Before Pan Sharpening
  • Landsat 8 After Pan Sharpening
  • Landsat 8 Pan Sharpened Bands 4,5,6
  • Landsat 7 Image Before SLC-Off Gap Fill
  • Landsat 7After PANCROMA™ Gap Fill
  • RGB Composite Vegetation Analysis
  • PANCROMA™ 345 False Color Composite
  • PANCROMA™ Eight Band Classified
  • PANCROMA™ Classified Highlighted
  • Point Spectrum Generator™ Snowpack
  • At-Sensor Reflectance Plot;
  •  Spectral Analyzer™ Snowpack=11.355%
  • Spectral Analyzer™ Euclidean Distance
  • Spectral Analyzer™  Distance Fraction™
  • Spectral Analyzer™ Spectral Angle Plot
  • NAIP Multispectral Target Identification
  • Landsat Spectral Unmixing Output
  • PANCROMA™ Subsetting               </br> </br>Pan Sharpening
  • RapidEye® 5m Color Composite
  • Formosat®-2 Before Pan Sharpening
  • Formosat®-2 After Pan Sharpening
  • Landsat Band Image Before Deconvolution
  • Landsat Band Image After Deconvolution
  • Landsat Multispectral Band Image
  • SPECTRAL Single Band Pan Sharpening
  • EO-1 ALI Before Pan Sharpening
  • EO-1 ALI After Pan Sharpening
  • EO-1 ALI Before Pan Sharpening
  • EO-1 ALI After Pan Sharpening
  • Landsat Multispectral Band
  • After Pan Sharpening with SPOT
  • Landsat Image Cloud Shadow Masking
  • Euclidean Distance Plot
  • Euclidean Distance Shadow Mask
  • US Gulf Coast Sediment Map
  • Before Cloud Patching ....................
  • After PANCROMA™ Cloud Patching
  • Geocover Image Before Color Correction
  • PANCROMA™ Color Corrected
  • SPOT RGB False Color Composite 1, 2, 3
  • PANCROMA™ Color Corrected SPOT
  •  Haze Obscured Landsat RGB
  • PANCROMA™ Dark Area Haze Reduction
  • Scatter Plot with Regression Line
  •  ASTER L1B TIR Temperature Plot
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• Geologists - Add global satellite prospecting for hydrocarbon, precious metal and mineral resources to your capabilities portfolio. PANCROMA™ multispectral target analysis turns free satellite data into billable reports.

• Cartographers - Create map-ready, 14.5m or 15m color, copyright-free orthorectified images of your country (or anywhere in the world) from free Landsat 7 data. Easily gap fill post-2003 Landsat 7 bands as well.

• Canadians - Pan sharpen free Landsat 8 bands with free GEOBASE SPOT data to produce copyright-free 10m RGB images for all of Canada.

• Environmental Consultants - Wildlife habitat, burn studies, wetlands, flood analysis. PANCROMA™ can increase your capabilities and win clients.

• Researchers/Doctoral Candidates - Need great thesis ideas? Land use analysis, vegetation classification, climate, deforestation (REDD), snow pack, invasive species, archaeological or urban studies: PANCROMA™ satellite image analysis will win kudos and impress your review committee.

• Educators - Produce easy lesson plans with the PANCROMA™ Instruction Manual, Videos and White Papers. This research paper shows what one student accomplished with PANCROMA™. Another student used PANCROMA™ gap filling tools for his research project. This researcher used PANCROMA™ gap filling and pan sharpening. Another excellent PANCROMA™ presentation!

Can you get useful results from PANCROMA™ in less than 10 minutes? Absolutely! Watch the Video to find out how, or Buy Now for only $99.95 or Learn More. Put satellite image processing technology to work today.

PANCROMA™ is used in technically advanced countries world-wide. Add yours to the list!

Satellite Image Processing Software
Satellite Image Processing and Pan Sharpening only USD $99.95
"The Simple yet Powerful™ Satellite Image Processing Software"

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